mardi 26 mai 2009

Salopette/ Overall.


-chaussettes a rayures

Prix : 27,50 euros
Hoodie seul = 16 euros, robe seule = 13,50 euros et chausettes = 3,80 euros.

*Possibilite de faire la robe dans n'importe quel tissu.

Set 1 = hoodie rose, robe rouge et chaussettes a rayures noires.
Set 2 = hoodie rose, robe bleue et chaussettes a rayures rouges.
Set 3 = hoodie rose, robe noire et chaussettes a rayures bleues.

Tout en stock.

Set :
-long socks

Price : 27,50 euros/38,50$.
hoodie only = 16 euros/22,50$, dress only = 13,50/19$ euros and socks only = 3,80 euros/5,50$.

*The dress can be made in any fabric.

Set 1 = Pink hoodie, red dress and black stripes socks.
Set 2 = Pink hoodie, blue dress and red stripes socks.
Set 3 = Pink hoodie, black dress and blue stripes socks.

All in stock.


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